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Acticell RT

Is applied to denim garments to create a strong and intense used look and for decolorizing of denim fabrics. The bleaching effect appears during a heating process.

For effects similar to PP.
This product is approved according to GOTS and the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program.
Acticell RT is listed in the ZDHC Gateway.


Apply this product on denim garments by spray.
Activation of the product by a booster.

Bleaching occurs during a heating step in the oven or tumbler.

Use for intense bleaching effects comparable to PP.

- Stable for many hours after activation
- Good visibility during spraying
- Creates a strong and natural look

- ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program
- Listed in the ZDHC Gateway

Product Information

- liquid product
- neutral pH
- booster-activated
- supplied in 65 kg drums or 1.100 kg IBCs

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